I’m starting a new job tomorrow and even though I need it (financially) and it’s good for me etc I’m so scared and anxious and blllllllllll

but I saw a hedgehog today and that means it’s going to be fine right

haha I got my vaccinations for Indonesia today, 3 jabs, one in each arm and one in my leg and EVERYTHING HURts like standing up or raising my arms in any way

the strange thing is I’m just finding it so comical?? like I’m laughing hysterically at how much pain I’m in


A tree is just a tree. That is, until you put a canvas behind it, turning it into a living piece of art. That’s exactly what South Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee did and we couldn’t be happier with the result. 

(Source: exhibition-ism.com , via queencersei)