I’m having such difficulty falling asleep lately ): If anyone has tips, pls share

Without wanting to fill this post with negativity, I’ve started reading Dave Eggers’ The Circle because my dad recommended it and it’s so hard to uh… appreciate when Infinite Jest has been the only fiction I’ve been reading for the past year. It’s so… obvious and clear what the tone and direction of The Circle’s plot is, and actually the overly present plot now seems like an obstacle to enjoy literature to me now, everything is so transparently described, and to be honest it feels like there’s not a whole lot of room for the reader to do his/her own interpretation.

Maybe it’s because I came from IJ, maybe it’s just not my book, maybe it’s because I’m only on page 60 and I shouldn’t judge yet.

But interestingly, so far it seems that David Foster Wallace and Eggers actually share roughly the same negative view on the ‘information age’ (although The Circle is probably more about privacy). As far as DFW is concerned I’m not basing this off IJ but rather of interviews I’ve read and listened to, and Eggers’ point is blatantly obvious before his story’s even on a proper roll. More thoughts to come when I finish the book and I haven’t forgotten about this comparison and can be bothered to write them down.

There wasn’t any limit, no boundary at all, to the future. And it would be so a man wouldn’t have room to store his happiness.

John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Last night I dreamt I opened my laundry basket and there was a small seal in it looking all cute up at me (◠‿◠✿)

A wonderful 3-hour autumn forest walk reaffirmed my belief that trees and forests are literally the best. They smell great, they have soft moss, they sound great, they have the best colours. Mountains and shores are cool too but sorry forests win.

Battling boredom is going ok.

On the downside I miss my boy. 3 weeks from today we’ll be roaming the Scottish highlands.


do you ever pretend that you’re the star of your own cooking show while cooking dinner and you act out each step like you’re nigella 

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